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Digital trust

For society to function, people have to work together. And where people work together, mutual trust is essential.

In today’s world, working together increasingly takes place online. This puts new demands on us, human beings, as well as on the systems and processes we all work with.

As the volume of business conducted online increases, so does the need for digital trust among business partners, customers and suppliers: to know for sure who you are dealing with, and to have no doubts as to the authority of your counterpart. More than before, a single digital transaction between two organisations may be of crucial importance to both.

This era of digital transactions requires a new kind of trust: the confidence that digital transactions with our counterparts are digitally secure, legally robust and compliant with regulation. It’s the kind of trust we call ‘digital trust’.

Confido’s mission is to create a trusted digital environment where professionals, businesses and public authorities can work together, conduct transactions and exchange information safely, throughout the European Union.




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We are a team of entrepreneurs and professionals who want to deliver a great product that makes the world a safer place. We develop services and build platforms that help our customers do so. Those customers trust us with their reputation: everyday we work to keep that trust.

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