Confido is a group of companies that each specialise in digital trust services. The purpose of Confido is to offer business customers a suite of trust services under one, reliable brand. Customers can find the services they need under a single roof.

Confido was founded in late 2021 and has since acquired four companies. Confido has the ambition to become one of the leading providers of digital trust services in the EU by enlarging its platform of companies that offer their services throughout Europe. It is supported in this buy-and-build ambition by a private equity firm, which is wholly-owned by a Dutch investor.

How we do things.

  • Group companies stay independent – a core principle for Confido is that the entrepreneurs who created the business stay in charge.
  • Platform strategy – where it makes sense, we pool knowledge about the market, technology and standards, cross-sell services within the group and share common infrastructure.
  • No short cuts – we understand what is required to achieve digital trust: our clients trust us with their reputation.
  • Long-term view – we have no fixed investment horizon. We are here to build a business–and have the time to do so.
  • Diversification – by joining Confido, entrepreneurs ensure the continuity of their company and protect the value of their personal shares by becoming part of Confido

Recent news

May 2024 – Strikwerda Investments unveils Your.World: a strategic consolidation of four leading online services companies.

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