Digital Signature

The digital (or ‘electronic’) signature is slowly but surely replacing the traditional handwritten signature in transactions between organisations. While many types and versions of electronic signatures have been around for a long time, businesses and public authorities alike prefer electronic signatures that are legally robust.

Aangetekend, a subsidiary of Confido, offers certified signature services providing legal certainty.

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Legal implications

The types of electronic signatures that help you win your case in court, should it come to that, are the electronic signatures that comply with the formal regulation of the European Union (EU 790/2014, or ‘eIDAS’). Those types are:

  • Advanced signature – obtain robust legal evidence of the signature: you will have a very strong case when proving your counterpart did indeed sign the document.
  • Qualified signature – obtain irrefutable evidence of the signature by your counterpart. That means that for a counterpart to deny his/her signature, the burden of proof will be on him/her. In the past years, qualified signatures have proven to be more legally robust than the traditional handwritten signatures


  • Aangetekend BV is certified for providing electronic signature services under eIDAS levels of assurance ‘Advanced’ as well as ‘Qualified’
  • In 2019 Aangetekend BV was placed on the ‘trust list’ (of qualified trust service providers) of the European Commission after being licensed by the Telecom Authority of the Netherlands (Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur).
  • In 2022, Aangetekend BV was designated a ‘vital infrastructure for Telecom/ICT-sector’ by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.

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